Here is the latest news in the Boyce Elementary School Counseling Program. You may have noticed some changes around Boyce Elementary with the 2017-2018 school year, including:


PBIS stands for "Positive Behavioral Incentives and Supports." PBIS is a process for teaching children appropriate behavior and providing the supports necessary to sustain that behavior. It is not a curriculum, but rather a framework for systems to identify needs, develop strategies, and evaluate practice toward success.

Why use PBIS?

    • It reduces challenging student behavior through a proactive, positive, and consistent manner across all school settings
    • Focuses staff and student attention on desired behaviors
    • Fosters a positive school climate
    • Reduces the need for engaging in time consuming disciplinary measures
  • Improves academic achievement and social competence

What does PBIS look like at BES?

Our core values:

    • Be respectful
    • Be responsible
    • Stay safe

Students demonstrates these core values through their behavior in the hallways, bathrooms, bus, classroom, and cafeteria.

Students receive recognition through:

      • BEST tickets
      • Prizes through daily and weekly drawings
      • Cardinals to be used for classroom parties
      • Names called out on the announcements

Classroom Guidance

This year, classroom guidance will occur in the Guidance Classroom. Classroom guidance will take place once a week for K-3, and once every other week for grades 4 and 5. This is our first year using the PATHS Curriculum, which you can learn more about by clicking on the "Services" tab.


Our Character Counts! Word of the Month is...

Ask your child why it is important to be a trustworthy person!