School Counseling Services

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School counselors help all students be successful in school both academically and socially by addressing personal, academic, and career issues through the following services:

Classroom Guidance Lessons

Classroom guidance lessons provide a developmental and preventative approach to social/emotional or academic concerns. All students receive guidance lessons as part of their specials rotation, equaling 8 guidance lessons throughout the school year.

Lesson Outline for the 2016-2017 school year:

Lesson 1: Cooperation/Team-building
Lesson 2: Handling Teasing/Bullying
Lesson 3: From Bystander to Up-stander
Lesson 4: All About Feelings
Lesson 5: Social Skills Basics
Lesson 6: Kindness
Lesson 7: Perseverance/Growth Mindset
Lesson 8: Career Exploration

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling allows students to discuss their concerns and learn coping skills/problem solving skills to understanding feelings, manage behavior, and get along with others, so they can be happy, safe, and successful at school. Individual counseling can involve books, games/toys, and other creative means of expression.

Group Counseling

Small counseling groups address issues such as friendship, self-esteem, social skills, grief,  managing stress, and changing families. Small group topics vary each semester based on student needs.

Other Services

The school counseling program also offers consultation to parents and school faculty regarding student concerns, and referrals to community agencies to support student/family needs.