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The New Mural Unveiling!

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December 14, 2017

     A new mural has been created for the cafeteria and will be installed and ready for viewing the night of Boyce’s Winter Concert on Thursday, December 14th at 6pm.  This year’s fifth grade students painted a colorful landscape to brighten our cafeteria.  Mrs. Loy was the art director for this project and Mrs. Althouse assisted with the theme as well as the priming and taping preparations of the panels. The landscape is comprised of 9 panels and each panel’s composition was guided by 1 or 2 of the principles of design. The fifth grade students used the principles assigned to their panel to help determine decisions of color, value, texture, pattern, and detail. We hope everyone can stop in and take a look at the mural on the 14th. Great job fifth grade class!


1. Proportion

2. Emphasis

3. Repetition and Pattern

4. Movement and Rhythm

5. Gradation

6. Variety

7. Contrast

8. Unity and Harmony

9. Balance






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